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Assessments by Educational Psychologists

On some occasions, we may suggest an assessment by an Educational Psychologist where the person appears to have a more complex profile.

Full Assessment

This assessment provides a cognitive ability profile (usually the Wechsler Scales or British Ability Scales) with measurements of reading, spelling and number as required. Further exploration into areas where those with Specific Learning Difficulties typically struggle, will be carried out where appropriate. The assessment takes approximately two hours.

A written report aims to provide a full description of intellectual, literacy and numeracy strengths and needs. The report should be helpful in informing decisions about educational provision in schools, further or higher education and the nature of any support, which might be required. 

Suggestions for Access Arrangements in examinations will be included if appropriate.

To Book a Full Assessment

Contact Us or complete the following online forms:

Family Questionnaire

School Questionnaire

Read more about Educational Psychologists

Adult Assessment 

Assessments for adults are usually sought to establish the nature of an individual’s difficulties and to provide advice on future action. Testing from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is used.

This can also be used for an up-to-date assessment for students entering Higher Education whose last report was written before the age of sixteen.

Assessment fee: £795

To Book an Adult Assessment

Contact Us or complete the online questionnaire:

Adult Assessment Questionnaire


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