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Spelling Checklist

ISBN: 9780956407573
Author: Sterling
Spelling Checklist
Spelling Checklist


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A dyslexic person has considerable difficulty in using a standard dictionary, being uncertain both of letter-order and of approximate spelling. Word-finding becomes a lengthy and frustrating process. This mini dictionary is geared to resolve this difficulty.

It comprises 726 words only. There are two reasons for this small number: the pupil can get a good grasp of the main patterns of English spelling; and it is important that all words beginning with the same latter appear on one double-sided spread only, thus minimising search time.

The list includes:

  • The most common irregular words (friend, oven)
  • Words which are similar, either in sound (steal/steel) or in spelling (quiet/quite)
  • Words needed for general literacy and public examinations. It does not usually include words which follow the regular spelling patterns, such as 'pipe' or 'supper'

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