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We Need Your Help

Make a difference and support dyslexia

Why invest in dyslexia and dyslexics?

As our gallery of famous dyslexics shows, dyslexia can be a brilliant gift in many aspects of life – from arts and culture to business and commerce and in academia and research. The very fact that people with dyslexia see the world differently means they are the people more likely to make a difference to the world. Investing in dyslexia is excellent value for money. At the same time, many people, children and adults alike, can be inhibited from thriving in education and from achieving their potential because of learning difficulties which can be alleviated with our help.

Why does Helen Arkell need your charity?

Like many charities we depend on the benevolence of others. However unlike some not-for-profit organisations we currently receive no direct funding at all from central or local government, or any other statutory or central source. Individuals who use our services are unable to obtain any funding from these sources, even if they are already receiving other benefits.

Why do we need funding?

We need to commit in excess of £150,000 every year to cover bursaries, subsidies and other projects for both children and adult dyslexics alike:

Free initial dyslexia consultations to those unable to afford our standard fees

• Subsidies on all dyslexia teaching services to those unable to afford normal fees

• In-service dyslexia training and partnership with state schools

• The development of free on-line Dyslexia teaching resources 

• Rooms for dyslexia assessment and one-to-one teaching

• Research and development into dyslexia research and teaching practices.

• Like any charities, we also need to invest in infrastructure and technology in order to make sure that we are always delivering high quality work in the most accessible way. 

How do we cover our costs?

In part we cover our costs by charging for our services. We have to ask people to pay for consultations and assessments, one-to-one tuition for dyslexic individuals, and our professional courses. However we aim to keep these costs as low as possible. We are a not-for-profit organisation and we are here to help people with dyslexia and other Specific Learning Difficulties fulfil their potential and follow positive and productive roles in society and the economy. That means we have to ask you for charity.

Where does our charitable dyslexia funding come from?

It comes from you and grateful beneficiaries of our work. We rely on grant-making trusts, companies, individuals and local organisations. We also benefit from fund raising events where Helen Arkell is chosen as the beneficiary. We raise funds from events such as our annual golf day and the London Marathon.

If you would like to make a donation please follow the link below to donate through Virgin Money Giving. We appreciate your support to enable us to help others. 

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Together we can make a difference.

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