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Diagnostic/ Educational Assessment by Helen Arkell Specialist Assessor (HASA)

A Helen Arkell Specialist Assessor’s (HASA) assessment is usually appropriate for anyone who has not previously been assessed, or for those who require a full update on progress since a previous assessment. 

A full diagnostic assessment is carried out and a comprehensive and detailed assessment report is produced, including a diagnosis of dyslexia if, and when appropriate.  The assessment usually takes at least two hours.

Each assessment report will include:

  • Summary of assessment report findings
  • Summary of background information from home and school/college, including history of support at school/college
  • Detailed interpretation of test results, including:
    • General Ability
    • Attainments, reading, spelling, writing
    • Cognitive processing skills, e.g. memory, phonological awareness, speed of phonological processing
    • Conclusion – an holistic view of assessment findings
    • Table of test scores
  • Essential recommendations for supporting the learner:
    • General (if appropriate)
    • At home
    • In the classroom
    • Access arrangements in exams (if appropriate)
    • Specialist teacher/tutor (if appropriate)

Full details of all the tests used in the session will be included for reference. 

If the individual is entering Higher Education, the report will be tailored to meet the requirements of the University and to access a Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), if appropriate.

Suggestions for Access Arrangements in examinations will be included if appropriate.

NB: Mathematical skills will not usually be investigated during this assessment.

Assessment fee: £650 

To Book an Assessment

Contact Us or complete the online questionnaires:

Adult Assessment Questionnaire

Family Questionnaire

School Questionnaire (to be complete by the child's school)

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