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Dr Gilda Palti

Dr. Gilda Palti

Dr. Gilda Palti is a Chartered Child and Educational Psychologist who specialises in assessments of individuals of all ages for a range of learning difficulties. She is registered as a member of the Health Professions Council (HPC); an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPS);  a Member of the Division of Child and Educational Psychology of the British Psychological Society, and holds a Certificate for Family and Child Therapy. 

Her BA (with distinction) and MA degrees are in Psychology, concentrating on resilient children.

Gilda completed the Doctor of Education Degree at the University of Bristol in 1988. Her research focused on the social and emotional aspects of dyslexia. 

Her practical work includes individual therapy, consultancy and psychological assessments in schools in the UK and abroad. She worked as a Locum Psychologist at the Child and Adolescent Services (NHS Trust).  

Gilda was also a member of the Professional Advisory Board of Ginger Software, a contextual spell and grammar checker designed specifically for dyslexic individuals.   

She is trained in the application of a computerised ADHD evaluation.

Gilda joined Helen Arkell, one of the leading centres for dyslexia in the UK, in 2007. The very supportive and professional environment has made the work more productive and enjoyable. This is also reflected in the positive feedback the Centre receives from the clients. Helen Arkell continues to support the clients beyond the assessment session, and brings the knowledge and the experience it has accumulated to the wide public through courses, lectures and awareness days.

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with the Helen Arkell staff, in particular with Bernadette McLean, (Principal of Helen Arkell 2006-2017) who has no boundaries in her support and outreach to the public in the world, and not only the UK.

Research Experience 

  • “A study of the Socio-Emotional Aspect of Educationally Resilient Dyslexic Pupils” 
  • “Personality and Social Portrait of the Invulnerable Child”.


  • Milgram N.A. and Palti G. (1993): “Psychosocial Characteristics of Resilient Children”
  • Journal of Research in Personality, Volume 27, Issues 3, pp. 207-221 (1993).  
  • Palti G. (2001): "Social and Emotional Aspects of Dyslexia"  The Dyslexia  Handbook 2002.
  • Palti G. (2002): “Reviews on socio-emotive aspects of Dyslexia” Perspective Journal of Orton Society -  The International Dyslexia Association.   
  • Palti G. (2002): “Dyslexia and Resilience” The Dyslexia Handbook 2003
  • Palti G. (2003): “Dyslexia in Adults and Career Opportunities”. Perspective Journal of Orton Society -  The International Dyslexia Association.   
  • Palti G. (2010): “Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health” The Dyslexia Handbook 2010 and The Australian Dyslexia Learning Difference Handbook 2014.
  • Contributor to the book “Dyslexia and Mental Health: Investigations from Differing Perspectives” 2011
  • Contributing to Spence Anxiety Scale
  • Other publications on website: 

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