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Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Mike has worked in the field of technology and disability since the early 1980’s. This was a time when nobody had a mobile phone, computers were only used by organisations and scientists, and the iPad was definitely not as cool as the modern day version with its new spelling!

Even back then, technology offered many disabled people the opportunity to reach their potential by supporting those areas in which they struggled.  Mike is a firm believer that the same is still true today, but with much more emphasis on the range of available products, choice, suitability and people’s need for support.

There are now hundreds of assistive technology products to help children and adults who struggle with writing, reading and organisation. The right technologies can help enormously but identifying and implementing these technologies can be a daunting task for many individuals and their families. 

Mike has consulted with thousands of individuals and their families to advise on suitable technology products. Before setting up his own business in 2010, Mike was Head of Assessment Services for AbilityNet. He now delivers a complete range of assistive technology assessment, consultancy and training services. He runs training workshops for schools and regularly delivers lectures and presentations to groups of parents, therapists and other professionals. 

Mike has personal experience of the exceptional services provided by Helen Arkell. He has also run numerous workshops for, and in collaboration with, the Centre. Mike’s role as Ambassador has a specific focus on the enormous benefits to be gained from technologies for children and adults with specific learning difficulties.

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