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Andrew Kaye

"When I first found out about the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre my career was a bit of a mess to put it bluntly. That was back in 1995.

But Knowledge is Power! The training I received helped me get things back on track. I learned about my Dyslexia and came to understand problems I had struggled with for years, and to be honest still struggle with. Dyslexia is more than just bad spelling and having trouble reading, I also struggled with organisation and time keeping.

I had originally been diagnosed as Dyslexic towards the end of my time at Graduate School. My reading ability was at the 50th percentile for the Canadian population, but because that was considered acceptable, there was nothing I could do to help my situation.

How wrong they were. Through Helen Arkell, I learned about voice dictation and text to speech technology, and although primitive compared to what is available today, they revolutionised my life. I also gained the confidence to “do the job” my way, not always trying to fit into other peoples moulds.

Audio books have also changed my life, they are not cheating as people had lead me to believe. I still have arguments with English teachers who believe it is better for a child to struggle through a novel on paper rather than enjoy the story and be able to discuss and understand it!

There is still work to be done in understanding Dyslexia and being understood as a dyslexic, which is why I now devote my time helping and supporting Helen Arkell!"


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