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Development of word naming and knowing and their relationship to emergent literacy

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A research project August 2013

Information for Parents and Carers

My name is Silvia Roncoli and I am a PhD student at the Institute of Education, University of London.

This page tells you about my research. I hope the page will be useful and I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Please would you explain the research to your child and talk over whether they want to participate. I will also ask the children during sessions if they are happy to take part and I will propose all the activities as a series of games.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance has been obtained.

Why is this research being done?

The research is part of an on-going large scale research looking into the development of children’s ability to give the names of the items they are shown in pictures. Data collected in very young children will inform researchers on which factors affect literacy development over the schoolage.

Who will be in the project?

In the project monolingual children (i.e., those who have English as their main and first language) aged 8 to 9 years old will participate.

What will happen during the research?

Children will be assessed individually on tasks that will be presented in the form of games.

Your child will see some pictures of simple objects (e.g. a cat, an anchor) on the screen of a computer.

S/He will be asked if they know what the name of each object is and if so to say the name out loud, and to answer some questions about the object. The answers will be recorded.

Your child will also take part in a task where they are asked to blend sounds to make up words, and also a simple reading test of single words and a task with a story where I will ask some questions about what happened in the story.

The tasks will be divided between 4 sessions lasting about 30 minutes each.

Will my child be scored, or told their answers are wrong?

I will not be looking for right or wrong answers, only for what everyone really knows.

Could there be problems for your child if he/she takes part?

I hope your child will enjoy participating in the tasks. I will only carry out the testing with your child if s/he indicates that s/he is happy to take part at the outset of each testing session.

Some children may get tired by some activities. If they want to stop, we will stop.

If you have any problems with the project, please tell me ([email protected]).

Will doing the research help you?

I hope your child will enjoy helping me. The research will mainly help to find new ideas to help children with naming and reading problems, in future.

Who will know that you have been in the research?

All information about children will be confidential and anonymous. Information will be stored securely and your child’s name and school will not appear in any of our reports. All records and audio-recordings will be labeled only with the number we allocate to your child.

Do you have to take part?

You decide whether you want to take part – and even if you say ‘yes’, your child can drop out at any time or say that s/he doesn’t want to answer some questions.

You can tell me that your child will take part by signing the consent form.

Will you know about the research results?

I will send you a short report as soon as the study is completed.

Who is funding the research?

The researcher is supported by a Bloomsbury Colleges studentship.

The project has been reviewed by the Research Ethics Committee at the Institute of Education and ethical approval has also been obtained from the Department of Psychology and Human Development.

Thank you for reading this.

Silvia Roncoli - Professor Jackie Masterson

Department of Psychology and Human Development

Institute of Education

25, Woburn Square



[email protected], [email protected] 

or 0785 8905 809

[email protected] or 020 7612 6903

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