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Dr Maryanne Wolf - Rewiring our thinking on literacy, dyslexia and learning difficulties

Dr Maryanne Wolf

According to Professor Maryanne Wolf reading is not normal for humans.

She says that we’re not born with the ability to read and that our brain has to rewire itself to be able to do so.

Professor Wolf is the Director at the Centre for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University and has devoted her life’s work to understanding how the brain learns to read, how best to teach children to do so and why reading is challenging for some.

She also has some fascinating and very personal insights into dyslexia and is passionate about literacy and turning around the lives of those who have learning difficulties.

Maryanne shared that passion with Geoff Hutchison on ABC Radio Perth.

Listen to the interview here >>

"This exuberant interview of Dr Maryanne Wolf contains a lot of very important messages about the reading brain, especially dyslexia. It went out over an Australian network but is equally relevant to England. Despite some minor quibbles, e.g. the brain cannot be ‘rewired ‘- that is a media headline – I think it would be very useful to draw it to the attention of teachers on training events. It speaks in a language they understand about the difficult concept of ‘brain plasticity’."

Sir Jim Rose

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