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Dyslexia and Online Learning at University Research

UCL Institute of Education

Dyslexia and Online Learning at University

Research Project Information


The research aims to explore how the needs of university students with dyslexia could affect the way in which universities and tutors interact with them online, both in course teaching and to support their learning. 

Who will be in the project?

I am seeking to interview students aged 18+ years with dyslexia who are currently undertaking a degree (undergraduate or graduate) at a UK university, where part (or all) of course materials are delivered online.

What will it involve?

You can be involved in either or both of two stages of the project. 

The first stage will involve an email interview exchange over a couple of weeks, developing a discussion between myself, as researcher, and yourself, as student. In each email I will ask one or two questions.   There are no right or wrong answers to the questions and I seek to explore your experiences and views as a student in the context of online learning. You can cease your participation in the email exchange at any point without having to explain why.

The second stage will involve a one-off, face-to-face interview with myself, which may take up to an hour. Ideally, I would like to audio-record the interview, to allow me to remember the details of our discussion later.   I will also take brief notes.  If there are any questions that you do not wish to answer, or prefer to stop the interview altogether, you can do so at any point without explaining why.

Why is this research important?

The information you share with me will be used to form a research report, which will aim to guide universities in how they can effectively teach and communicate online without disadvantaging dyslexic students. If you would like to be given access to the summary of the report, please indicate this by ticking a box in the consent form provided at the end of this document.

I hope that participation in this project will help students with their own reflections on what works for them in their studies online. 

Who will know if you take part?

As the project researcher I will not share any participants’ personal details with anyone. The information collected by email or in the interview recordings will be password protected and stored securely in the cloud. Names will be changed so that no one will be able to link you to anything that you said.

How can you become part of this project?

If you agree to take part, please complete the informed consent form.  Please email this to me at [email protected] I will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for either an email exchange or in-person interview, or both.

You can cease your participation in this study and you can withdraw your consent for your data to be used at any point without having to explain why.  You can also choose not to answer some of the questions if you don’t wish to. 

Thank you for reading this information.  If you require any further information about the project, please do not hesitate to contact me via the email address below.

Charlotte Clark

Postgraduate Researcher

Institute of Education

UCL University of London

[email protected]

This project has been reviewed by the UCL Institute of Education Ethics Committee and received ethical support.

Please complete the following docment to take part in this valuable research:

Dyslexia and Online Learning at University Informed Consent Form


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