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Ex-pupil from Helen Arkell completes mountain climb

Gwili Gibbon


Gwili Gibbon is an ex-pupil of Helen Arkell.

Gwili is a conservation biologist and has recently climbed the Mount Kenya three peaks for the Mount Kenya Horse Patrol.

Gwili has also just heard he has been offered a Scholarship at Canterbury Durrell Institute to do his PH D researching the new Elephant Corridor they are hoping to put in from Mt Kenya going West, so all very exciting! Congratulations Gwili and we wish you all the best!

Mount Kenya is a vast and beautiful mountain; home to numerous wildlife species, including some 2,000 elephants; and also provides water catchment that is key to Kenya's economic and environmental health. Its forests, moorlands and other habitats are today surrounded by a 'hard edge' of farmlands and this sees excessive human pressures threaten the future of this great mountain. The Mount Kenya Horse Patrol Team was established in 2009 to protect these animals habitats for future generations.

The team consisted of five local community members and ten hardy Ethiopian ponies, which offer a great vantage point and allow patrols to cover more ground. Since its establishment illegal activities within the area they patrol have dropped by 75%. In March 2016 members of the Mount Kenya Trust undertook a fundraising climb to summit Mount Kenya's three peaks - Batian 5,199m, Nelion 5,188m and Lenana 4,985m - to raise funds for the expansion of the Horse Patrol Team and their range.


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