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Living with dyslexia - Nick's Story

Nick Damato Dyslexia Story

We were sent an e-mail asking us to look at a 4 minute video about Nick and his experiences of living with dyslexia. Having watched it we contacted Nick and he has given us his permission to share this with you all on our website. Nick is 29, lives in California, USA and is an electrician for the union in San Francisco. He writes:

“Yes please feel free to share the video where ever you think so fit, website included. My goal in this was to heal myself and to share with others and spread the message about dyslexia. Non violent communication has been pretty influential in helping me get to where I am now and digital story telling was outlet to express myself. I'm very happy that the video has been moving for so many people and hope to share my about my experience in future. I live in Fairfax, California and am working as a electrician in San Francisco now. I would be happy to speak and hope to inspire others who are being challenged to the max. It's been a difficult road and few understand in this world where I just had a need to be seen for who I am. I worked incredibly hard for what I have today and proud of what I have achieved.

Very best,


His mother tells us that:

“So many of my friends suffered from the same disabilities as Nick - he helped put their feelings into words. His buddy, James, makes the digital story - Nick gathered up the pictures that I saved for him all these years and he and his tutor, Chris, wrote the story.”

We think it is very inspiring and hope that you will too! Let us know what you think by commenting on our Facebook page or on Twitter. We would love to share your thoughts with Nick and hope that when he is next in England he will come and visit us at the Helen Arkell Centre.

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