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Our Principal Down Under

Bernadette McLean at Learning Difference Convention 2014

Our Principal, Bernadette McLean, was invited to speak at the Learning Difference Convention in Sydney in August 2014. We would love to share the wonderful feedback we have received from the Director of the event:


The Learning Difference Convention was honoured to have Bernadette McLean, Principal of Helen Arkell, join us for the second year, at our 2014 Sydney event.

Bernadette not only brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from one side of the world to the other, but has the exceptional gift of quelling anxiety and frustration, and replacing it with an abundance of understanding, strategies and support. Her seminars were presented beautifully as she relates to people, not just delegates, offering real experiences which in turn make the imparted information most memorable.

Thank you for coming such a long way to support the many Australian's who just learn differently.


The newly launched Australian Dyslexia Learning Difference Handbook would like to thank Bernadette McLean, from Helen Arkell, for her enormous input towards our first publication.

Her willingness to share information in abundance has been truly inspirational, and has offered new horizons for those with, and those working with, learning differences throughout Australia. Our sincere thanks to you, Bernadette.

Please visit the website to purchase your copy of the Learning Difference Convention Handbook.

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