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Life Boat Series - Book 9

ISBN: 9781869981709
Author: Sula Ellis Tony Ellis Jackie Davidson Mick Davidson
Life Boat Series - Book 9
Life Boat Series - Book 9


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The Lifeboat Read & Spell Scheme. A highly-structured, multi-sensory scheme of lessons to help dyslexic children - and adults - to read, write and spell. This book contains ten lessons and each lesson is made up of eight photocopiable worksheets.

The Lessons in Book 9 and Book 10 present some key spelling rules and other intricate spelling patterns which are particularly essential for whole class work and which complement the topics in Book 4 to Book 7. These lesson topics, such as 'Doubling Letters', 'Prefixes', 'Soft 'g' (j) Sound' and 'Silent Letters' have been selected for special treatment because of their complexity and due to their general importance to the English language. To maintain the integrity of the cumulative structured approach, the lessons in these two books should be presented sequentially to dovetail with lessons throughout Book 4 to Book 7, as shown in the Lifeboat Programme Structure shown in the Lifeboat Teaching Guide. But there's no Review and Post-test in Book 9 - it's included with Book 10!

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