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Spotlight on Blends - Book 2 - End Consonant Blends

ISBN: 9781869981563
Spotlight on Blends - Book 2 - End Consonant Blends
Spotlight on Blends - Book 2 - End Consonant Blends


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Spotlight on Blends - Book Two follows on from the work in Book One of the series, focusing this time on the end of words.

The tasks in the two Spotlight on Blends books are varied. However, the main emphasis is on developing phonological awareness by means of sound blending, rhyming and careful contrasting of blends which are similar in sound. Research shows that training such skills leads to improved reading accuracy and spelling.

Often the tasks are embedded in a meaningful linguistic context, and the various sentence-completion exercises, vocubulary quizzes and anagram puzzles aim to extend vocabulary and enhance comprehension and thinking skills. The worksheets thus have a wide application in terms of developing language skills and are designed to cater for different levels of skill and individual need.

All the worksheets have a clear, uncluttered visual layout which will enable many students to work independently. However, detailed teaching notes and guidelines accompany the worksheets to enable the teacher to guide the pupil when necessary.

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