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Spotlight on Suffixes - Book 1 - Common suffixes & Suffixing Rules

ISBN: 9781870000000
Spotlight on Suffixes - Book 1 - Common suffixes & Suffixing Rules
Spotlight on Suffixes - Book 1 - Common suffixes & Suffixing Rules


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The 75 worksheets in Spotlight on Suffixes - Book One introduces the most common suffixes in English in a systematic manner, focusing on both the grammatical function of the suffix and the spelling rules concerning the joining of the suffixes to base words. Suffixes which can be pronounced differently according to context such at the '-ed' past tense verb ending are highlighted for special practice.

The more common suffixes have worksheets at two levels of difficulty allowing for differentiated work within mixed ability classrooms. Spelling skills are thus very much linked to grammatical awareness and, by completing the worksheets, students will also extend their vocabulary and knowledge of word derivations.

Teachers will find the material in this book very useful especially for pupils from Years 1 to 5 (or Key Stages 1 to 2) and Special Needs, particularly for differentiated work when implementing the National Literacy Strategy.

The clear and uncluttered layout of the worksheets will also make them an ideal resource for Special Needs teachers working in the field of literacy with pupils of all ages. The comprehensive coverage of the subject is completed through additional appendices, word lists and detailed Teachers Notes and Guidelines.

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