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Spotlight on Words - Book 2

ISBN: 9781869981730
Spotlight on Words - Book 2
Spotlight on Words - Book 2


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This collection of 40 wordsearch puzzles and fill-in-the-blank activities is designed to help in the development of spelling skills. Each puzzle is based on a specific vowel or sound combination, so the book can be used by teachers as part of a structure approach to spelling and to concentrate learning activity where it is needed most.

The skills developed by Spotlight on Words - Book 2 include:

  • Visual discrimination through searching for hidden words.
  • Alphabetic sequencing practice by listing the words found.
  • Following contextual clues through fill-in-the-blank exercises.
  • Use of a process of elimination by completing the more difficult blanks.
  • Use of the connection between spelling and meaning.
  • Development of the ability to spot capital letters.
  • Understanding word segmentation and syllable blending.

The puzzles are most appropriate for ages 9 to 12 but they are also valuable over a wider age rage, including adults and those learning English as a Second Language. Book 2 is particularly suitable for Years 6 to 8, Key Stages 2 and 3 and extends the material of Spotlight on Words - Book 1. As a wider range of phonic patterns is covered in Book 2, with the focus on longer multi-syllable words in many of the wordsearches, the material allows for differentiated work within both the mainstream and Special Needs classroom.

The clear design of the puzzles guides the reader's eye and the hidden words run only across or down, making this book an excellent resource for dyslexic students.

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