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The Left Hander's Handbook

ISBN: 9781869981594
Author: Diane G Paul
The Left Hander's Handbook
The Left Hander's Handbook


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Most left-handers perform most activities with little difficulty most of the time. But left-handers are sometimes at a real disadvantage. For example, handwriting problems can seriously effect the legibility of students' exam papers and, later, with career opportunities. So left-handed children do need help - and parents and teachers need guidance.

This Handbook defines and explores reasons for different types of left-handedness. It has a major section on handwriting, with contributions from Dr Jean Alston, Dr Rosemary Sassoon and Prue Wallis Myers, and it gives instructions for crafts and music, source of equipment and suggestions for projects. Throughout the book, the author provides invaluable advisory Guidelines for minimising the practical problems that left-handers inevitably face in a right-handed world. The Guidelines have been adopted as an educational resource for teachers by the NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research).

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